Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another PRIVATE DANCER review!

Reviewed at Fresh Fiction
by Mandy Burns

Jay Novak has been in limbo for the past 2 years after his divorce from his wife Beverly Gilbert. Jay really thought Beverly would give up her profession as an exotic dancer after they were married, but she refused; causing a rift between them that ultimately led to divorce. Jay's friend and roommate convince him to go to the club once more to see Beverly and watch her dance. The moment Beverly hits the stage, Jay knows she is dancing for him, so he sets his feelings aside and makes the present his priority. Jay's need to know her again, to excite her again, even for a short time, is worth asking Beverly to have an affair with him. Beverly surprises Jay by telling him she attends hypnotizing sessions once a week where she visits her past life as Princess Camille and the turmoil and struggle to understand her new husband and his harem.

Beverly enjoys dancing onstage, the power stripping gives her is intoxicating and addictive. Unfortunately, Beverly's enjoyment lost her the one man she loved. Jay wanted Beverly to give up her job and relinquish the power she covets because of his jealousy and insecurities. Two years have passed and the feelings she had for Jay are locked up tight but threatening to break free when she sees him sitting at the end of the stage while she starts her set. As he watches her perform, she is unable to resist dancing for his benefit alone. Jay's offer to start an affair seems impossible at first, but the temptation becomes too much and she takes him up on it. Exploring the possibilities of having a past life makes Beverly wonder if Jay has a past life, too, and if their souls are meant to be together.

Sheri Whitefeather delivers a sensual sequel to MASQUERADE that makes you wonder at the possibility of a soul mate. A great read!

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